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Bakuretsu Hunter (爆れつハンター), known in English as Sorcerer Hunters, was a Japanese fantasy series that began in 1993. It featured the adventures of Carrot Glace and his family and friends, as they fought the oppression of evil Sorcerers with an odd combo of magic powers and bondage gear. It was probably not the best-known series, but made a recognizable impression on anime fandom at the time.

I was dismayed that the tiny but active Bakuretsu Hunters fandom from the late-90s/early-2000s finally died and disappeared, so I am setting up a new, modern, hopefully-complete website. I'm just barely setting up, so thank you for your patience while I'll put everything together.

Below is the navigation menu including a list of future content, but if you have any suggestions of stuff you'd like to see, let me know! I am always looking for contributions of missing content!

日本語話者を歓迎します. どうぞよろしく!! すみません。 私は日本語が下手ですが、 努力します。 ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Site Launch: 09-15-2013. Last Update: 03-19-2015.

01-10-2015: We've changed servers! Please update your links to Hopefully there will be no more downtime!
Previous updates:
  • The rough draft of Chotto Dake Kaettekita part 1 is finished! Will upload soon and continue with part 2. (And then...?)
  • Info on the Chivas 1-2-3 spinoff added, incomplete.
  • Some new(old) fanfics added, while I continue to add warnings/tags.
  • 2 new English lyrics of questionable quality added, Futari No Ginza Sanchoume and Donna TAITORU Mo Boku Wa Iranai.
  • Various pages half-done: Manga Volumes, Creators, Episodes...and everything else. (They'll be added as I finish!)
As always, if you have questions/suggestions, please let me know.
07-18-2014: Added FAQ.
07-09-2014: Added 2 'new' fanfics + updated some. Also Tumblr.
01-22-2014: Added Scripts and Episodes pages.
01-19-2014: Added Chivas page.
01-18-2014: Added two English lyrics.
01-15-2014: Fixing more little things.
11-15-2013: Fixing little things.
10-28-2013: Added navigation bar, added Lyrics, general fixes.
09-19-2013: Added contact form. Working on minor details.
09-29-2013: Games page. Fixed some styles. Added novel chapters.
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