Bakuretsu Hunter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions, and questions that aren't answered elsewhere on the site. If you have a question that isn't listed, it will probably be answered in another area soon!

General/Production Questions

A quick list off the top of my head, which I'll verify soon:

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, Espanol, and I believe Italian and French.

Short answer: It's always hard to tell whether content changes from manga-to-anime are due to pressure from network/producer, or decisions by the director. As is typical for anime adaptations of manga, sometimes changes are made to enhance animation capabilities and/or reduce effects that are "lost" due to medium change. (For example, wearing the same outfit every episode).

Speculation: From what I've heard, the Bakuretsu Hunter anime had a 6PM timeslot, giving the implication some changes were an attempt at a broader and/or younger audience. (I read somewhere anime is usually now around 10PM on many stations now?)

Longer answer: please see the Anime production page (which isn't available yet, oops).

You'll see lots of different spellings for characters even on official merchandise. CHOKORA is the way her name is spelled, leading to various transliterations. Zaha, Milphy, Daughter, and others have a variety English spellings too.

I use "Chocolate" since everyone is named after food; Carrot is KYAROTO, for example, and he obviously isn't anything but "Carrot".

Omiishi-sensei was attempting a more mature style from her ususal when BH began, as noted in Vol 10. As the series progresses the characters slowly revery to a style she was more comfortable with, resulting in backwards-aging.

The "official" ages given by the anime were never made official in the manga; Omishi notes that Gateau was originally 23 but regressed to 18; in the first short story Carrot was 20, but later 17. One could argue the older ages make more sense for the content!

Speculation: It might be worth noting that several Summer seasons pass during the manga timeline. Theoretically, Marron finished his Eastern Magic schooling at 14, and so is possibly 16 at the start of the manga, and could be as old as 19 by the end, catching everyone up to their original ages. Perhaps.

Plot/Setting Questions

Not really. The anime is on its own timeline; but the OVAs could be considered in the manga universe as they are retellings of story arcs there. The novels are in the manga universe. The Chotto sequel is meant to follow the manga, but many fans consider it non-canon. Some of the audio dramas are adaptations of novel stories, but are debatably in the anime-verse (or even their own 'verse). Many of the games follow their own AU timelines; the "Sorezore" game could be anime, perhaps.

Personal headcanon: I take each individual storyline and shove it where it fits into the manga timeline, if possible.

There are three types of magic: Sorcerer/Kinjuu magic, which taps into a specific (plot-related) magic-generating "source"; Gaia magic, which calls on nature spirits by a person with affinity; and Eastern Magic, which redirects energy/Ki from within oneself.

Carrot transforms from magic used with violent/malicious intent; in theory, passive or friendly sorcerer magic should have no effect. (Unclear about "malicious" Eastern/Gaia, since Marron and Tira are the only ones who use these on Carrot.) (No guarentees that the friend-vs-foe concept plays out through the series, either.) It could be speculated the Hakishin feeds/awakens specifically due to the destructive "feel", perhaps.

Originally, the manga explains that Carrot has 12 beasts that he can become based on the flavor of magic used (and it's implied he can also "mix" beasts). However, the author/artist seemed to forget about this plot point and it was never used past the first volume. Various independent readers speculate the 12 beasts were meant to be based on the Chinese Zodiac, though Bull, Horse, and (water)Dragon are all that were shown.

Haz Knight magic and longetivity are basically unexplained.

Speculation: It could be argued they use Sorcerer magic, tapping into the Source, whether from pre-Sorcerer natural ability or learned skill.

Notable is that Zaha supposedly has the ability to control his age; perhaps those of his era, or near his power level, do as well.

Uh, I dunno.

Speculation: they follow the worship of a pantheon of Gods, but the Church specifically guards the secret of the Pillars. Mama was perhaps considered a living saint who saved Facade from destruction by demons.

Marron has no given sexuality. He never expresses interest in or attarction to anyone, and ignores or outright flees from those interested in him.

In a sidenote in Volume 10, Omishi mentions that she and Akahori "toyed with" writing Marron as homosexual. Clearly, it was either intentionally left unexplored or simply ended up not being used. Other commentary implies the creators (or possibly editors) didn't think it would be interesting/relevant to their intended "shonen" audience, but this is speculation.

Ah, the ultimate mystery of BH. If a tree falls in the woods...

(If you're looking for Gatteron evidence, the best you'll find is a tiny 3 panel blip in one of the Novel intros, where an interviewer-styled Omiishi asks Marron if he has anyone special. Marron stays silent for a couple panels while Gateau dances around in the background, pointing at himself as Marron blushes. That's as close as it gets, folks.)/p>

Fandom Questions

Hakaishin, manifesting as Web 2.0.

Inexplicable. (More here later?)

This was an in-joke from the metaverse that rebounded over the 4th Wall more than once. Some characters occasionally make off-color jokes that Marron's focus on Carrot, combined with his apparent disinterest in other potential partners, must imply "something". Like with many similar situations in other series, some fans run with it.

Besides the regular in-character comments, Akahori and Omishi were clearly aware of the fandom and made more than one reference to it. The name comes from Daughter suggesting a change of story theme to "That Popular New Genre".

Most people don't even know about the mini "sequel". It was not well-received by fans, who criticised art, jokes, and plot alike. There was little media attention, and some fans view it as non-canon.

Personally, I would say that Chotto's problem was that (a) it failed to properly balance humor with the "new" post-finale setting, and (b) the "new" stuff that was there failed to address a lot of potential questions about the setting.

Places and how-tos here later.

Website Questions

High-level dorkage.

Not at the moment. List of downloads available online are mentioned on relevant pages.

You must aquit. Please do.

Yes, some pretty bad ones, back when I was a teen. They're teen-tastic.

Yes. I read each one before marking it as "double checked" to verify content, though many I read years ago. Yes, most are pretty bad. I could write a thesis on y2k BH fandom.

Gateau. Gaterron OTP forever.