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Sorcerer Hunters Book SEXY

  • Visual Book Bakuretsu SEXY Hunter
    (爆れつせくしいハンター (TVアニメ完全ビジュアルブック))
  • Published: April 1996 (Company: Media Works)
  • ISBN-10: 4073046683 / ISBN-13: 978-4073046684
  • Original Price: ¥
  • Amazon Link

Summary: A weird little book that tries to convince the reader how sexy the (female) characters if we don't know what show we're watching?? Includes basic character stats and some details on side-characters, info on the OP and ED themes, a recap of episode 14 "God's A Big Fool" (I don't know why that one), a merchandise list, lineart for character designs (Mama is 7 feet tall), and an interview with Akahori and Kawasaki (the director) with some staff notes.

Sorcerer Hunters Book VOICE

  • Visual Book Bakuretsu VOICE Hunter
    (爆れつ声優(ぼいす)ハンター―TVアニメ完全ビジュアルブック )
  • Published: June 1, 1996 (Company: Media Works)
  • ISBN-10: 4073047116 / ISBN-13: 978-4073047117
  • Original Price: ¥
  • Amazon Link

Summary: Includes interviews with the voice actors, assistant director and music producer; some merchandise info; a re-cap of the final episode, and a cast/staff listing.

Sorcerer Hunters Book Secret

  • Secret of the "Sorcerer Hunters" (Manga Research)
    (「爆れつハンター」の秘密 (コミック研究本))
  • Published: April 1997 (Company: DATA HOUSE/データハウス)
  • ISBN-10: 4887184328 / ISBN-13: 978-4887184329
  • Original Price: ¥
  • Amazon Link

Auto-Translated Summary: Understand all of the "Sorcerer Hunters"! Manual fan must-read. Character of Media Works issue of "Sorcerer Hunters", approaches deep in the back of comic fantasy as "magic", such as attacks from entanglement of the characters each.
I'm not even sure if this was a licenced work or a "doujinshi" type fanbook. The author is "Nakamura No.2" (中村2号). (Apparently I'm not the only one wondering.)

Sorcerer Hunters Book

  • Positive girls : Omishi Rei Gashuu
    (ポジティヴ・ガールズ 臣士れい画集)
  • Published: December 1999 (Company: Media Works)
  • ISBN-10: 4840211884 / ISBN-13: 978-4840211888
  • Original Price: ¥
  • Amazon Link

Summary: Artbook for BH and Omishi Magical Theatre: Risky Safety. 112 pages.

Sorcerer Hunters Book Chotto Dake Kaettekita

  • Chotto Dake Kaettekita Bakuresu Hunter
    (Return for Just a Little Bit, Sorcerer Hunters)
    (ちょっとだけ帰ってきた 爆れつハンター)
  • Published: May 27, 2004 (Company: Media Works)
  • ISBN-10: 4840227152 / ISBN-13: 978-4840227155
  • Original Price: ¥
  • Amazon Link

Sequel to BH six years later, was not well-received by the fans.

Sorcerer Hunters Duo Comic

  • DUO COMIC Bakuresu Hunter

    (PCエンジン DUO COMIC 爆れつハンター)
  • Published: June 30, 1994 (Company: Media Works)
    Also seeing Jan 1 listed.
  • ID: HMD-0002
  • Original Price: ¥1980
  • Amazon Link

Summary: This strange item included a copy of the first manga volume, and a "digital comic" CD-ROM with 3 manga chapters scanned in as a stand-alone software. You could "flip through" the panels, which had sound effects and voice-overs. It was later included in "Dengeki CD-ROM & BOOK Vol.2".

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